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Sundin Still a Leaf
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Sundin a Leaf - Toronto HockeyAfter much speculation Mats Sundin has exercised his no trade clause and remains a Leaf. Sundin stated that he wants to win a cup but only in Toronto. Cliff Fletcher seemed somewhat although understanding seemed a bit perturbed with his 5 untouchables. Sundin, Kaberle, McCabe, Tucker and Kubina all were rumored to have excercised their veto rights.

During his press conference FLetcher was quoted as saying Sundin had more value then Marian Hossa going into the deadline. Hossa fetched 3 good young NHL'ers and a first rounder in what is one of the strongest drafts in some time.

Kubina was the subject of some controversy, initially agreeing to waive his no trade, then changing his mind hours before the deadline. A deal that would have sent Kubina to San Jose was apparently all but done until Pavel did a complete 180.

Kaberle, the Leafs best defender, left nothing in the open stating early and often he did not want to go anywhere. Perhaps this was the best move for the Leafs as capable puck moving d-men are hard to find.

McCabe, the whipping boy of Toronto fans, had stated he was willing to waive his no-trade clause under the right circumstance. Unfortunately McCabe's huge contract and penchant for defensive gaffs were enough to scare off even the most desperate of NHL teams. Fletcher confirmed in his post trade deadline press conference there was "no interest" in Bryan McCabe's services.

Lastly one wonders what the market would have been for Darcy Tucker. Coming in at around 3 million per year, he's somewhat affordable under NHL standards. But like the other stalwarts Tucker refused to budge, instead opting to remain a member of the Blue and White.

While Fletcher was failed to move any of his big five he did make a series of minor moves. Moving Belak to Florida in exchange for a 5th round pick. Some would say this is addition from subtraction. Kilger, who had performed well in is role, was also shipped to Florida for a draft pick, a 3rd. Towering Hal Gill was sent packing to the Penguins in exchange for 2 picks, a 2nd rounder and a 5th round pick.

At the end of all the hype and hope fans are once again left with a team that remarkably resembles the one that failed to make the playoffs the last couple of seasons. Here's hoping that all this home coking does something for the big 5 and they start earning a place in the hearts and homes of Leaf fans.

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