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Scarborough Young Leafs
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Age Groups:
(Novice 7, Atom, Minor Bantam, Bantam & Minor Midget Houseleague Select )

Tournament Contact Information:
Michelle Merenda
Tel: 905-420-7451
Website: www.scarboroughyoungleafs.com

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Bob Unger - Inventor   | 142.161.113.xxx | 2008-10-27 21:56:32
I am contacting you to advise of my invention, the Goalie Band, which I believe would be a valuable asset to your hockey program or your own team.

As a coach of young hockey goalies, I was frustrated by my inability to prevent them from constantly backing up into the net instead of challenging shooters in practice sessions. As a result, I came up with this practice training device which I have now used for several seasons and which has resulted in a marked improvement in the game performance of these young players. This is a product that every local community club program, team, goalie school, and individual goalie should own.

As a result of demonstrating the product to a number of hockey professionals including Ed Belfour, Rick St.Croix, Vladislav Tretiak and several AHL players as well as many amateur players of all ages I have received much positive feedback and interest in the great potential for the product to assist in improving skills for all players. The original intention of the product was to train goalies to stay out of the net and challenge the shooters, however, the more we used it the more uses we discovered for both goalies and skaters. We now have developed drills to practice handling screen shots and working on reaction time. The skaters use it for target practice and for practicing lifting the puck over a simulated goalie pad when in tight to the goal. That
Bob Unger   | 142.161.113.xxx | 2008-10-27 21:58:20
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