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Toronto Hockey News
GTHL Tryouts
(27 votes)
Reference: GTHL Website. For the upcoming 2008-09 season the GTHL will not be using the term AE for alternate entry Midget teams. Teams will be designated as Midget Jr. and Midget Sr.

The definition is as follows:
  • Jr. teams must have a minimum of 12 - 1992 birth year players and
  • Sr. teams must have a minimum of 12 - 1991 birth year players.

  • The teams will continue to play within the same league.

    Hockey Invention Gets an Assist from "The Great One"
    (4 votes)
    by Shad Connelly

    In his playing days, Wayne Gretsky used to stream across the ice with fierce speed and impeccable control that few players could match. Now, an innovative new skate blade may help hockey players from pee-wee to professional move with the quickness and ease of "The Great One". The invention even has Gretsky himself wondering: "where was that when I played?"

    Toronto Closes Outdoor Rinks
    (6 votes)
    City cites costs, iffy weather for decision to keep most rinks shut. The shinny crowd is not amused. Courtesy of Andrew Chung, Toronto Star. Clack, clack, clack. The sticks hit centre ice, only to be tossed to one side or the other in a random draw to choose teams among these two dozen men, mostly strangers to each other. Here for a game of hard-skating shinny.
    OHL Players to Wear Neck Guards
    (7 votes)

    Ontario Hockey League

     announced yesterday that all players will wear neck protection in all regular season and playoff games. In response to the neck injury suffered by Richard Zednik of the NHL's Florida Panthers in February, the OHL's competition committee and executive committee made the recommendation to adopt a mandatory neck protection policy to the OHL's Board of Governors.
    Laughable Leafs
    (4 votes)
    Things just get even more laughable for the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs, as the laughable Leaf coffee shop banter is about to hit the big screen. The Love Guru, a Mike Myers film starring Jessica Alba, Verne Troyer, and Justin Timberlake is set to open soon.
    Toronto City Council Scales Back Ice Rate Hikes
    (2 votes)
    After public outrage over a proposed rate increase of 20% for Toronto area ice rinks, Toronto City council has backed off somewhat. Toronto City council is now looking at a rate increase of 5 percent. This 5 percent increase in ice rental rates does not include a built in increase of 3% to cover the cost of inflation.
    Toronto Jr. Canadiens Top OHL Cup Rankings
    (6 votes)
    The Ontario 

    Hockey League

      announced the weekly minor midget rankings for the 2008 Ontario Hockey League Showcase for the OHL Cup, hosted by the GTHL. The Toronto Jr. Canadiens, undefeated in 102 games last, season are once again in top spot.

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