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_GEN_GOTOBOTTOM Post Reply Favoured: 0
TOPIC: Coaches
Coaches 2007/07/29 18:34  
While many parents blame the ref when little "Johnny" takes a run at someone, I'm thinking they should be blaming "Johnny", his parents, and his coach.

The ref can call the penalty but he can't stop the kid from doing it. Little Johnny should be responsible for his own actions. Heck if he was at the mall and he hit someone they'd blame him not the cops.

If the kid can't control himself, then the parents should step in! If he's done it 45 times maybe the kid shouldn't be playing anymore.

The coach can probably be the biggest factor in this. If the kid is being stupid sit him. If he gets real stupid kick him off the team. To many coaches don't know what they are doing or are afraid to bench little "Johnny" because Mommy or Daddy might complain.
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