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Top 10 Fantasy Hockey Keepers
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Fantasy Hockey - Toronto HockeyHere is a look at the top 10 fantasy players as rated for long term keeper leagues. We've purposely left out goalies feeling they would be better served on their own list. Player's value versus goaltender's value depends greatly on the scoring system your pool is using.

01Sidney Crosby
Only 20, two 100 point seasons under his belt, the current Art Ross and Hart Trophy winner, this kid has a long future ahead of himself. He's already proven he's the best player in the NHL, the only question is how high is his ceiling. Can he put up 200 points as a pro? While those high scoring NHL days might be long behind us, it's not unreasonable to expect Crosby to put up 170 points someday. Crosby is the number one fantasy option for the next 10 years in keeper leagues.

02Alexander Ovechkin
Had a bit of a tougher time then Crosby in his second full season but still managed to put up some nice totals. While many are ready to crown Sidney Crosby the next one, we here at Toronto Hockey aren't prepared to do that just yet. While A.O. didn't have the benefit of Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Gonchar, Ryan Whitney, and all the buzz surrounding Pittsburg this season he still managed a very respectable 92pts, and a whopping 392 shots on net. In only two NHL seasons Ovechkin has managed to put up 198pts. Now, with the slick Swede Niklas Backstrom, an early favorite for the Calder, on his way Alex should rebound nicely and put up 100+ points again. Even if Backstrom doesn't turn out as advertised Ovechkin has the option of lining up next to 83 point man Michael Nylander. The capitals also brought in power play specialist Tom Poti. All in all expect a monster year from Ovechkin and look for him to challenge Crosby for the league's scoring title. Being a LW, Ovechkin also plays a much less saturated position then C, which makes him even more valuable. AO and Crosby are poised to have quite the battle for the next 10+ years as the NHL's premier player.

03Joe Thornton
Big Joe still has plenty of years ahead of him. The 27 year old pivot keep rolling among nicely for at least the next half a dozen year. Thornton gets more assists then goals which hurts his value somewhat in leagues that heavily reward goals. He still puts up more assists then most guys total points. Another thing to like about Joe is that it doesn't matter whether he plays with Cheechoo, Clowe, or Michalek he turns them all into goal scorers. Expect big things from Joe in the next few years as San Jose looks like a team loaded for success.

04Dany Heatley
Heater does everything well including putting up 100 points a year. His back to back 50 goals seasons are a rare feat these days. He's young enough to keep doing it for years and with Spezza as his center the two should be among the league leaders for a very long time. Dany is a UFA at the end of 2007-08, while we don't expect he'll be going anywhere, he should have a monster year.

05Evgeni Malkin
Evgeni has spent most of his younger years being compared to and playing in major international tournaments with Ovechkin. Malkin is now in the enviable position of playing along side Sid the Kid. While both are centers, expect them to see plenty of time together on the power play and at key times during the game. Comparisons to Sid the Kid are inevitable but Malkin is a different player and will most likely put be number 2 in scoring behind Crosby for the next 10 years. Not a bad place to be considering he'll be the beneficiary of Sidney's play making. All in all Malkin has one of the best packages of size and skill in the game. He'll not only put up big point totals but if his first year is any indication he should be a big penalty minute guy as well.

06Jason Spezza
Jason could lead the league in scoring if he could only stay healthy and play an entire 82 games. Spezza is getting a reputation of being a bit of a band-aid boy. He still puts up as many points in 68 games as most players do over an entire season. Heatley and Spezza compliment each other well, with Spezza doing most of the dishing. Expect a 100 point season from Jason as soon as he can stay healthy long enough.

07Marian Hossa
Consistently produces 100 points. Might be higher on the list but has probably reached his ceiling.

08Ilya Kovolchuk
Slumped a bit with the loss of his center Mark Savard but still is to young and talented not to be in the top 10.

09Vincent Lecavalier
Vinny had his best season as a pro and finally lived up to all the hype. While he'll never be the next Michael Jordan, there are very few players in todays NHL capable of scoring 100 points, something Vinny accomplished last season. Lecavalier is still young enough pass the century mark for a few more years.

10Jarome Iginla
This guy is a horse. All he does is lead his team in just about every category, every year. He has to be in the top ten and maybe even higher then 10th. Injuries and the lack of a high octane offense in Calgary are the only reason he’s down this low. Jerome's ppg were among the best in his career last season and we think he'll hit the century mark if he stays healthy.

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